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Seven-meter-high silver pine at the Herend Porcelain Manufactory

It has now become a tradition to put up a Christmas tree in the main entrance hall of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory for the first Sunday of Advent.

With this eight-year-old custom, they would like to express the joy of preparing for Christmas and support the spiritual prepare for the holidays, to which, in addition to the beautiful sight, the pleasant scent of pine also contributes.

In December 2020, a nearly seven-meter-high silver pine was put up, on which Christmas tree decorations designed by Márta Nagy and made with a special Herend openwork technique were also placed. This festive collection is expanded every year with new pieces that are made on request from the USA or Japan, and some of these novelties are always put on the tree. In addition, balls painted with Herend patterns also adorn the large tree.

In previous years, it was a tradition in the town for local nursery and primary school children to visit here and look at the manufactory’s Christmas tree. Unfortunately, this year, due to the restrictions, this could not happen.

CEO Attila Simon says setting up a Christmas tree this size is not an easy thing to do, so he congratulates the three or four employees who complete this task each year. As he tells, colleagues leaving work are delighted for the first time when they see the tree that is still unadorned but stunning in size and scent. One can rarely hear about such a large indoor Christmas tree.

“This beautiful tree-erecting custom is completely in line with our Family-Friendly Workplace title we won this year. Every family has a tree at Christmas, so of course the big family of the Herend manufactory also puts up their own Christmas tree” - emphasizes the CEO, adding that unfortunately their traditional year-end celebration will not take place this year due to the pandemic, but in 2021, they are expected to make up for it.

By VEOL/Veszprémi Napló/Sándor Molnár

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