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Herend is the centre of artistic porcelain production in Hungary. Until quite recently only a select few could explore the mystery of the creation of these wonderful examples of masterful craftsmanship. Today this is an opportunity open to everyone. Herend has been running a visitor centre – home of the creation of porcelain items – offering, if requested, a full day's programme to porcelain enthusiasts. Porcelanium offers high-class entertainment to its visitors. With the help of video films, pot-throwers and professional painters there are demonstrations to show how the porcelain paste will turn into a glossy porcelain item.

Guides show visitors round to see the "magicians' tricks" behind the scenes. It is all there for you to discover – the world's biggest collection of Herend pieces, hosted by the Porcelain Museum and the largest selection of purchasable products in the Victoria Brand Shop – both to be found in Herend. The Apicius Restaurant and Café is a nice way to relax following a lesson of craftsmanship in the manufacturing of porcelain and the first impressions of glossy, shining porcelain items. Here the unique ambiance of intimacy and service out of "Herend sets" might as well be the highlight of the day. So join us for a special tour!

Herend is a place offering special as well as traditional programmes and unconventional opportunities of entertainment for all seasons of the year, expecting art fans, porcelain buffs and everyone else interested in what it has to offer.

We raise the veil from the jealously guarded scenes...

After viewing the Herend film, our local guide will escort our visitors through the Minimanufactory. This is a miniature copy of the Manufactory, a home of ancient knowledge. This is where all that was seen and heard in the film comes to life. This is where you can witness how heavy paste becomes light, fragile porcelain, how nimble fingers shape, decorate and paint the material that is becoming a living thing.

We can follow every facet of the birth of Herend Porcelain in the Minimanufactory: we can look at the work performed on the pottery wheel, the making of a rose, basket weaving, the painting of porcelain with special brushes, and artistic decoration.

There, on site, as we are seeing the masters, it becomes apparent what skill and patience is required for the hard, yet beautiful profession of porcelain making. What we experience here is needed most for us to evaluate and appreciate the value and the craftsmanship of a porcelain object that we buy or receive as a gift.

Until we can verify the truth of this statement in person in the Porcelanium, let us inspect the process of porcelain making on the Technology page, which depicts each phase of porcelain making in a spectacular fashion.


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To start your visit to the Minimanufactory, you can watch an 8-minute film showing the birth of Herend Porcelain. With the help of modern 3D technology, the movie invites you to a travel and lifts the veil off some porcelain-making secrets along the way.

As the Chinese saying goes – "a picture is worth a thousand words."


Dreams and opportunities

Feel like holding a piece of raw porcelain paste and invoking your hidden artistic ambitions? Herend is a place for your dreams to become true by offering you the alternative of creation. Seize the opportunity of an exciting experience to temporarily become a master of porcelain manufacturing...

Creative workshop activities

Porcelain rose-making (30 min):2 500 HUF
Porcelain figurine-assembling (30 min):2 500 HUF
Herend motifs with watercolour painting (30 min):2 000 HUF


Porcelain rose-making Porcelain rose-making


Few people can boast of ever having painted porcelain…

You might be one with hidden artistic ambitions, for we are all born with a flair for creation. To be creative and active is what we want, a sign that we are here to be part of it all. The Herend Porcelain Manufactory is a unique way of turning ambitions into reality. Our painting courses help participants learn about specific elements of painting, We offer courses for both beginners and those with previous painting practice and they will be run by experienced master instructors and artists of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory.


Program schedule

10:00Painting seminar
11:00Coffee break at the Apicius Café
11:15Painting seminar
12:30Lunch time
13:30Painting seminar
15:00Coffee break at the Apicius Café
Side programs: visiting the Minimanufactory and the Porcelain Museum at the Porcelanium Visitor Centre, shopping time at the Victoria Brand Shop having the greatest selection of exquisite Herend Porcelain.
16:30Painting seminar
17:00Handover of the Memorial Certificate

The course fee includes the following range of services: introduction to artistic decoration, explanation and initiation of stages in the porcelain painting process; provision of the painting utensils required such as paint, oil, brushes; a self-painted piece of porcelain provided with unique trade mark of the Herend Painting Course incl. firing process; coffee breaks; Memorial Certificate.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Booking and further information

Balázs Csarmasz
Kossuth Lajos u. 140, 8440 Herend, Hungary
Phone: +36 88/523-197
Email: balazs.csarmasz [at]
Fax: +36 88/261-518

Minimanufactory – check-in office
Kossuth Lajos u. 139, 8440 Herend, Hungary
Phone: +36 88/523-231
Email: porcelanium.cassa [at]

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