Apicius Restaurant & Café



Our restaurant is named after the celebrated Roman gourmet Apicius.


It is a real culinary experience to eat dishes worthy of him in the elegant grand hall or the more intimate gallery. It is a comfortable place for 80 persons at maximum capacity.


Marcus Gavius Apicius was a notorious Roman gourmet and lover of luxury who lived in the 1st century AD. He is sometimes said to be the author of the first Roman cookbook, which was actually compiled about 300 years later… He was the subject of On the Luxury of Apicius, a famous work, now lost. Evidence for the life of M. Gavius Apicius derives partly from contemporary or almost-contemporary sources but is partly filtered through the work by the Greek Apion, whose purpose was presumably to explain the names and origins of luxury foods, especially those anecdotally linked to Apicius. From these sources anecdotes about Apicius survived...





Groups of at least 10 people are welcome by prior arrangement. Reservation deadline: no later than 1 week before arrival. Phone: +36 88/523-235. Email: apicius@herend.com






After an eventful, rewarding day, the place to rest and revive is our café, which offers just the friendly milieu that guests seeking peace and quiet require. Choose from a mouth-watering selection of fresh cakes and pastries and a range of coffee specialities, each served on a different, aptly chosen pattern of Herend Porcelain.

Special feature: the Herend-tea in four different flavours is browsing unforgettable pleasure...




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