A Meeting of Excellence – Herend porcelain exhibition

A Meeting of Excellence – Herend porcelain exhibition

2023. July 18.

Herend porcelain is a world-famous brand: a Hungaricum, part of Hungary’s national treasures, which is considered a highlighted value all over the world. Its excellent quality, uniqueness and specialness are not only known in Hungary but all over the world. Herend porcelain is already recognized in more than 60 countries as a symbol of excellence and elegance.

From the very first touch of the raw materials to the last brush stroke, the birth and decoration of Herend porcelain is an extraordinary celebration of the art of creative people and hand-making. Today, the Manufactory can create a combination of 16,000 different forms and about 4,000 different patterns. It’s safe to say that the selection is extremely wide, and the possibilities are almost limitless, since Herend people are convinced that impossible doesn’t exist, it's just another opportunity.


The exhibition not only presents the Judaica collection of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory but also Herend’s most characteristic motifs and works of art closely related to Balatonfüred.

The exhibits connect the past, namely Mór Fischer, who elevated the Manufactory to an international level, with the innovative product development of the present. The pieces of the selection are not only religious, utility, festive and ceremonial objects, but also works of art embodying the product development motto of the Manufactory: “Strong roots, innovative shoots”.

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