Saint Martin Award 2022

Saint Martin Award 2022

2022. November 22.

Established by the Herend Porcelain Manufactory, the Bábolna National Stud Farm and the Pannonhalma Archabbey, the Saint Martin Award, made of Herend porcelain and created by artist László Horváth, has been presented in 2022 to the founders of the István Regőczi Foundation for the Orphans of the Corona Virus, Mr. János Áder, former President of Hungary, and his wife, Mrs. Anita Herczegh.

Since 2001, the founders have been giving the award to those persons who, with their outstanding human performance, contribute to the dissemination of the national heritage and cultural values of the Pannonian region, and their social commitment is exemplary.


Photos by Csaba Krizsán

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