Big City Eden in the heart of Budapest

Big City Eden in the heart of Budapest

2022. June 29.

In the heart of Budapest, in the renovated lobby of the New York Palace, which can be considered both an internal and an external architectural space, a new Herend exhibition “Big City Eden” opened.

Both respect for traditions and modern lightness are important to the people of the new century. In response to this dual need, when designing the interior, the designers created a “green island” by installing many living plants, which greatly dissolve the feeling of artificial space in the lobby. Herend porcelain now amplifies this pleasant, relaxing effect, transforming it into a real Garden of Eden. In addition to typical representatives of the Hungarian flora and fauna, Herend painters often evoke the exotic world of distant landscapes.


Tamás Fazekas, General Manager of the Anantara New York Palace Budapest Hotel, and Dr. Attila Simon, CEO of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd., gave welcoming speeches at the opening ceremony. The exhibition was opened by Pál Oberfrank, Director of the Petőfi Theatre Veszprém, with the thoughts of Hungarian writer and poet Dezső Kosztolányi. The opening ceremony was honoured by the presence of the Ambassadors of Japan, Thailand, South Korea, and Brazil to Hungary.


We look forward to your visit to the Garden of Eden this summer!

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