It’s Good to Be Good

It’s Good to Be Good

2023. December 18.

The Herend Porcelain Manufactory’s community has been a supporter of the charity auction since the beginning, for 12 years now.

This year, the beneficiary is the Semmelweis University Foundation, which will use the amount received from donations for the development of children born prematurely and children with congenital developmental disorders.

We offered a special work of art, a vase with lid, which is a unique piece and a technical bravura, contains thousands of perforations, is almost half a meter high, and its production took half a year.

From the first touch to the last brushstroke, the porcelain vase proclaims the art of hand-making. It sold for more than three million HUF!

Both the donor, the beneficiary, and the buyer of the Herend porcelain work of art became richer by serving this noble initiative!

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