Royal Weekdays

Royal Weekdays

2023. May 3.

A new Herend porcelain exhibition titled “Royal Weekdays” opened at the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest.

"Herend porcelain is one of the best-known and most respected Hungarian brands, distributed almost everywhere in the world" – László L. Simon, Director General of the Hungarian National Museum, said at the opening ceremony of the chamber exhibition. He emphasized: the current exhibition is the first part of a series presenting the contribution of the nearly 200-year-old Herend Manufactory to Hungarian applied arts over the centuries.


He added: many valuable Herend porcelain items can be seen at the exhibition “Hungarian EXPO Successes” in the exhibition space and in the museum’s display storeroom. They plan to organize many foreign exhibitions in the future in cooperation with the Herend Manufactory and the Hungarian Museum of Applied Arts so that these treasures can be seen not only by the domestic audience.


Attila Simon, CEO of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd., said: the current exhibition presents the evolution of the Victoria pattern, as the table laid with porcelain includes several works of art, from the classic Victoria pattern of 1851 to the Royal Garden pattern made for Prince William’s wedding, which was also inspired by the Victoria decor.


The CEO said that the Manufactory produces about three hundred thousand porcelain items every year. “According to the public, our porcelain products are not only beautiful objects of use, but also works of art”, he emphasized, adding that Herend has successfully participated in many world exhibitions. “Herend has strong roots and fresh innovative shoots”, he pointed out.


Duncan Graham, Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary, emphasized: Herend porcelain is known to the British as one of the most beautiful in the world. He recalled that the motif presented at the Great Exhibition in London, which won a gold medal, is one of the best-known Herend patterns with Chinese-style butterflies and flowery branches painted in bright, cheerful colours. “Herend and its impressive porcelain pieces, which have been admired by the British for more than 170 years, are an integral part of the history between the United Kingdom and Hungary", he concluded.

The exhibition is the first part of a series presenting decorations associated with emperors, kings, queens, and the aristocracy.

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