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Apicius Restaurant

Our restaurant is named after the celebrated Roman gourmet Apicius.

It is a real culinary experience to eat dishes worthy of him in the elegant grand hall or the more intimate gallery. It is a comfortable place for 80 persons at maximum capacity.

Marcus Gavius Apicius was a notorious Roman gourmet and lover of luxury who lived in the 1st century AD. He is sometimes said to be the author of the first Roman cookbook, which was actually compiled about 300 years later… He was the subject of On the Luxury of Apicius, a famous work, now lost. Evidence for the life of M. Gavius Apicius derives partly from contemporary or almost-contemporary sources but is partly filtered through the work by the Greek Apion, whose purpose was presumably to explain the names and origins of luxury foods, especially those anecdotally linked to Apicius. From these sources anecdotes about Apicius survived...




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Menu 1

Cream of celery soup with cheese chips
Steamed trout fillet with roasted beetroot and bacon mashed potatoes
Cheesecake with fruit sauce

5700 HUF

Menu 2

Consommé with vegetables
Mangalica pork tenderloin with egg barley risotto
Apple strudel with vanilla ice

6800 HUF

Menu 3

Cornflake-crusted chicken breast with fresh salad and spicy potato slices
Chocolate soufflé with salted caramel

5200 HUF

Menu 4

Cream of zucchini soup with garlic toast
Pan-fried vegetables with parmesan and jasmine rice
Fruit variation with lemon ice

5100 HUF

Menu 5

Consommé with vegetables
Red wine beef stew with curd cheese noodles and pork cracklings
Apple strudel

5400 HUF

Menu 6

Cream of mushroom soup with garlic toast
Grilled pike-perch fillet with pan-fried vegetables
Ice cream sundae

5500 HUF

By prior arrangement, the menus can be changed and combined.
Each menu is available from at least 10 persons.
All prices include VAT.

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