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The series of world exhibitions have been extremely important in the life of Herend. Herend Porcelain has won countless medals, prizes and certificates at the World Fairs, some of which are displayed along the walls of this hallway.

The idea of such events came from Prince Albert, who was the creator of the idea of the first world exhibition opened in the Crystal Palace in London in 1851. Twelve years after Mór Fischer had become owner of the Manufactory, he seized this enormous opportunity to gain international recognition for Herend porcelain in 1851. The Victoria décor preserves the memory of that successful début to this day.

Encouraged by the great success, Paris and then London held similar events. In 1873 Vienna hosted the festivities. Again, Herend received great honours. Francis Joseph I bought Herend porcelain as gifts to Tsar Alexander II of Russia, King Victor Emmanuel II of Italy and King Carol I of Romania.

After the death of Mór Fischer, the successes seemed to be waning, although Herend won another Grand Prix in 1883 for pieces made some years earlier. Still, under Fischer’s nephew, Jenő Farkasházy Fischer Herend’s glorious reputation was restored once again at the St Petersburg World Exhibition of 1900.

Jenő Farkasházy Fischer won yet another gold medal at the World Fair in St Louis in 1904.

The last award that you can see on display is the Hungarian Heritage Award, which is unique, for it demonstrates that the products of Herend are recognised even in the new millennium as a part of our Hungarian Cultural Heritage.


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