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The product range of our webshop is expanding day by day

Giving and possessing Herend porcelain is always a magical occasion, as we can take in hand and admire a work of art made entirely by hand, from the first touch of the raw material to the last brushstroke. With our works of art, we hand over to you the handshake of 700 people and their love for porcelain!

On our website, we are expanding day by day the range of Herend porcelain products available in the webshop, so you can do shopping comfortably at home. Just a few clicks and we deliver to you the selected, coveted porcelain items. It is worth getting back every day, as the range of the available Herend porcelain items is constantly expanding and changing. 

Dear Customers,

Our brand shops are open again, we hope to see you personally in one of them!

Herend, May 18, 2020
Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd.


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