Herend Porcelain Trophies are official prizes of Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Herend Porcelain Trophies are official prizes of Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

2023. July 10.

Herend porcelain for the winners of Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix


When hearing the name Herend, everyone in the world thinks of perfect quality luxury porcelain. The same goes for the organizers of the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix, who once again commissioned Herend Porcelain Manufactory to design and make the victory trophies for the Hungarian race this season.

The traditional shape of the trophies has become an iconic symbol today. The shape of the neoclassical style vases follows that of ancient vases. The silhouette of the Hungaroring track can be seen in their centre panels. Innovation is provided by the decoration, which is renewed every year. This year, the choice fell on a special pattern made by master painters, depicting “thousand flowers” (milles fleurs), weaving brocade-like through the snow-white shining porcelain surface. The bird of paradise depicted in flight can be seen in a tangled web of flowering branches, referring to airy lightness, flight, and speed. The origin of the pattern can be traced back to the 19th century, its colour is unique Herend purple, and it’s decorated with precious metal, 18k matte gold. In this colour scheme, this version was made exclusively for the best Formula 1 drivers and teams, as well as in honour of the main sponsor.


In the case of the Herend ornamental plate for constructors, this craftsmanship is further enhanced by the openwork edge: the porcelain lace is a special Herend porcelain production technique.


It took about six months to make the trophies. Each Herend porcelain trophy is a unique masterpiece, made exclusively for the 2023 Hungarian race. Each one has a unique design and is handcrafted from the first touch of the raw materials to the last brushstroke. Whoever will win them will own real masterpieces made in one original! Winning the Herend Trophy means a special rank today!


Of course, both the painted decor and the vase form were made using artisan technology, praising the talent of Herend creative hands.


The sizes of the trophies:


Drivers’ victory trophy:            Constructors’ ornamental plate:

Height: 530 mm                        Height: 60 mm

Length: 245 mm                        Length: 520 mm

Width: 230 mm                          Width: 520 mm


The winner of this year’s Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix will once again lift Herend porcelain to the highest at the prize ceremony!

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